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Partnered with the Department of Children and Family Services Program, the American Indian Families Partnership (AIFP) Program assists families with children 0-5 years of age living within Los Angeles County. Through a collaboration of American Indian agencies and community members, families receive a variety of services to promote healthy and  nurturing environment in which children can grow and flourish. The focus of the AIFP Program is family strengthening and parental training in a culturally relevant setting.

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Parenting Classes

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Motherhood and Fatherhood is Sacred
Linking Generations By Strengthening Relationships

Currently offered at different locations in Los Angeles County, such as the United American Indian Involvement (UAII) and Tribal  TANF Long Beach and Los Angeles. These series based courses emphasize cultural based parenting skills and encourages family strengthening for new parents, caregivers, court mandated/DCFS referrals. Each series teaches traditional parenting practices, fosters community support and empowers new parents in their roles as mothers and fathers. Curriculum is based on Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA); Fatherhood is Sacred (FIS), Motherhood is Sacred (MIS), and Linking Generations By Strengthening Relationships. Space is limited, please RSVP and babies are welcome.


Additional Information

Requesting services from AIFP does not guarantee participation or payment. Program requirements such as eligibility, size limitations of the specific program, submission of program participation documentation, compliance, available funds, allowable costs, proper documentation and submission of past receipts MAY affect the participation and is at the discretion of the Executive Director of Southern California Indian Center, Inc.
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The AIFP Program is available at the following Southern California Indian Center, Inc. 

El Segundo
400 Continental Blvd, 6th Floor
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