Supportive Services Program

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Supportive Services Program

This Program is designed to provide Supportive Services when required to American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians living at or below the Federal poverty level residing in Orange and Riverside counties. These programs are funded by the Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) through a Community Service Block Grant (CSBG).

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, food distribution is currently limited to Thursday afternoons, 1pm-3pm. Please call in advance to reserve a pickup time. Pickups are made upstairs just outside of our building in Fountain Valley.

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What does the Supportive Services Program consist of?


Eligibility and Documentation required to receive Supportive and Emergency Program Services

Many of our Programs require self-identification as a Native American, however certain Government Programs require the following:

Requesting Supportive and/or Emergency Services does not guarantee participation or payment. Program requirements such as eligibility, submission of program participation documentation, compliance, available funds, allowable costs, proper documentation and submission of past receipts MAY affect the participation and is at the discretion of the Executive Director of Southern California Indian Centers, Inc.

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